School Incursions


A great way to get Adults & Kids involved and active, Sydney Aikido Dojo offers Incursions for Corporate groups, Primary and Secondary Schools plus Vacation care centres.


Looking for team building exercises with a non-violent focus and creating a source of health and vitality in the work or school environment.

We teach effective Aikido principles to use in everyday interactions that empower the individual through centred relationships.  Addressing posture, breathing, centre to centre interaction and how to be effective under pressure, Incursions are a great way to increase ones knowledge and skills of getting the most out of any situation.


Sydney Aikido Dojo offers a cultural experience of Japanese Martial Arts and ettiquette.  Fostering respect, centred behaviour, ettiquette and team work, Aikido develops ones awareness of self and others.


Contact us now to discuss your requirements and we can tailor your experience accordingly.