Misogi - Aikido Sydney lower north shore



Misogi (Cold water purification) is an ancient practice which involves cleansing the body, mind and spirit of impurities to allow one to gain a deeper connection with nature and the oneness of all things.


Walking deep into the mountains to certain special waterfalls and places where Ki naturally gathers, we stand or sit under a waterfall and practice meditation, chanting and breathing techniques.


This washes away any impurities or dark Ki present in our energy bodies, thus creating room for fresh light Ki to enter.


As well as having a strong energetic affect, Misogi is a great way to develop  "Fudo Shin" (immovable spirit centred in the lower belly, Hara).


At regular intervals we journey to the World Hertitage Listed area of  the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney or to the local beaches in Sydneys East to take part in Misogi, Cold Water Purification.