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November Misogi Practice

A committed group of Aikidoka from Sydney Aikido Dojo woke before dawn and ventured to the Blue Mountains to experience the wonders of Misogi and traditional Shugyo training. A cloudy, misty morning created a special atmosphere as we made our way down to the waterfall. Symbolic of going deep into our own centre we used the descent to strengten our resolve and enter a state of Mu Shin (no mind) for the experience ahead.

Once changed and at the base of the waterfall we looked up and were in awe of the energy of the environment. Absorbing the immensity of nature we bowed in and began the practice. Keeping your centre in the cold water can be challenging, combining this with the strong flow of water on the head the Misogi helped us to drop our centre onto the earth.

After completing a number of rounds with chanting, funakogi and Kiai we were ready to bow out to the Kami of the Falls.

Making our way out a renewed sense of clarity, lightness and flexibilty entered into the group.

Once back in Sydney we then practiced Aikido to finish off the training.

A strong and powerful part of training, Misogi creates real changes in our clarity, effectiveness and gives us insights of true thought, feelings and attitudes (Nen). We can then take these and apply them to our everyday lives, wherein lies the real challenge.

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What's with the big pants?

November 6, 2018

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Aikido Sydney lower north shore
Aikido Sydney lower north shore

Sydney Aikido   Dojo,  2014


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