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Dojo Cleaning

A very important part of Dojo life is student's looking after the space in which we train.

Even children are encouraged to participate and take responsibility for the cleanliness of the Dojo.

Keeping the Mats clean, having neat and tidy shoes when leaving them in the entrance, making sure their uniform and belt is on correctly, these all promote a sense of clarity and responsibility. They learn respect for their environment, themselves and each other, plus that they can contribute to society through their actions.

Traditional Dojo ettiquette emphasizes the responsibility students have in creating a positive and purifying environment in which to develop ones true self, or Hara (centre). Sometimes we use the metaphor of a stone dropped into a still pond, and waves ripple outwards. That is to say when we polish our own spirit, this then has a positive effect on our relationships, friends, community, society, workplace and indeed the world.

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What's with the big pants?

November 6, 2018

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Aikido Sydney lower north shore
Aikido Sydney lower north shore

Sydney Aikido   Dojo,  2014


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