Instructor - Aikido Sydney Lower North Shore

Instructor & History

Jamie Terley Sensei started his training in Ki Energy and Martial Arts in 1997 with an interest in Reiki palm healing and Energy in movement.


Soon his desire to deepen his studies led him to study at Shin Sen Dojo under the auspices of Aikido Master and Healer Ken McLean Sensei.


Here he studied intensively in Aikido, Ki Energy Cultivation, Ki Shiatsu Healing, Macrobiotics and Holistic Health, Aiki Weapons, Misogi (Cold water Purification), Kotodama (Spirit of sounds)(deepest meaning of the word, Logos) and Daily application of the principles of Aiki.


After travelling and living in Japan, upon his return Jamie opened Sydney Aikido Dojo based in Bondi, Sydney, to share his own unique expression of Aikido and Healing Arts. In 2014 he moved the dojo to the Lower North Shore with classes in the main dojo located in Artarmon as well as running childrens classes at the North Sydney PCYC. Jamie continues to develop and refine his Aikido and Healing through his teaching, regular trips to Japan, and a continuing desire to research the deeper principles of Aiki.


Sydney Aikido Dojo welcomes beginners to advanced, and offers a balanced and Holistic approach to Aikido that emphasises cultivating ones Ki, inner power, effectiveness and centre.