Shin Sen Dojo Ken McLean Sensei - Aikido Sydney lower north shore

The Arts of Shin Sen


The Arts of Shin Sen brings together ancient knowledge of health, harmony, happiness and longevity into a practical and easily understood way or "Do". This ancient understanding branches back to the secret practices of the mountain ascetics known as Sennin.


More recently, Ken McLean Sensei of Shin Sen Dojo and Aikido of Shin Sen has opened the door and refined this approach so that anyone with a desire to create positivity and health in their life can do so.


"Shin Sen means the spiritually free person or one who has become awakened to the deeper way of the universe. It can also mean Mountain person, for looking from above, the summit of the mountain is the centre of the circle and the base being the circle outside the centre point, similar to the image of a mandala in the Buddhist perspective. So, a person who has embodied Shin Sen becomes 'Sennin', the person who has gone to the centre of themselves where they connect to the place where all streams meet and can thus harmonise with any situation."
Ken McLean Sensei.

Shin Sen Do has 8 main branches which include 


  • Aikido

  • Ki Energy Cultivation

  • Ki Shiatsu Healing Treatment

  • Macrobiotics & Holistic Health

  • Aiki Sword & Staff

  • Misogi (Purification)

  • Kotodama (understanding of Spirit Sound Vibration)

  • Daily application of the principles of Aiki and Takemusu Aiki


Shin Sen Arts are centred around the unification and development of body, mind and spirit. The principle factor in this process is the cultivation and refinement of ki.