What is Aikido? - Aikido Sydney lower north shore





Ai - Harmony, Unification






Ki - Energy, Life Force






Do - Path, Method, Way

What is Aikido?


Aikido is based on the flow of universal life energy call ‘ki’ which permeates and surrounds all things. Ai-Ki-Do translates as ‘way of harmonising ki’ or ‘way of the harmonious spirit’.


Aikido is a peaceful, yet dynamic martial art which uses flowing, circular movements, which are used to redirect, transform and neutralise the energy of any attacking force in order to restore harmony and balance to any situation.

Not only used in situations of physical conflict, Aikido principles can be applied to all areas of ones life to increase effectiveness and enjoyment. Centering and  Ki exercises that are practiced are easy to understand and directly applicable to relationships, work, communication, hobbies and sports.

Aikido can also be used as a tool for deep spiritual growth by gaining insights into all aspects of ones life and bringing you into alignment with your lifes true path.

This unique Art combined with Ki energy cultivation, Aiki sword and Staff, Ki Shiatsu and the other practices of Shin Sen Do create a state of being that brings forth ones fullest potential.