What is Aikido?


Aikido is a Non-Violent Martial Art based on the principle of Unification with ones opponent.

The special techniques used in Aikido allow persons of small stature to throw people much larger than themselves with ease.


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Aikido translates as ‘way of harmonising Ki’ or ‘way of the harmonious spirit’. It is a peaceful, yet dynamic martial art which uses flowing, circular movements. These movements are used to redirect, transform and neutralise the energy of any attacking/unbalanced force in order to restore harmony and balance to any situation. Aikido can be practiced for fitness, martial arts or as a spiritual discipline. All participants are encouraged to train at their own pace.



Ki Energy Cultivation and Meditation is a deeply nourishing practice which enhances and connects us to our inner power. Through centering, meditation, breathing and toning exercises, we develop a deep state of unification of body, mind and spirit. Particularly good if you are recovering from injury or have not exercised in a while, Ki Energy Cultivation develops health, happiness, flexibility and vitality.


Ki Shiatsu Treatments are hands on healing treatments performed fully clothed.  Gentle yet firm pressure is used to activate and heal problem areas.  Based on an ancient and deep understanding of Oriental Medicine and Diagnosis, Energy pathways (Meridians) are activated to increase blood flow and activate the body's natural healing abilities.  Ki Shiatsu can be used to relieve aches, pains, chronic issues and supports / supplements western medicine.  Regular treatments promote health, vitality and wellbeing.